Microsoft Debuts The Gorgeous-Looking Duo & Neo Devices

Microsoft today announced a new range of products from its Surface line, including two dual-screen devices: the Surface Duo and Surface Neo. The new devices aim to enhance the way we multitask by eliminating the need to switch between devices, screens, and apps.

The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s newest phone. It features Android apps and Surface hardware, and can be flipped in a various positions to suit what you need to use it for. It features two thin 5.6-inch screens that unfold to 8.3-inches. Other details are sparse, but you can see it in action in the video below.

The Surface Neo is a laptop-come-tablet that’s aimed to improve the experience with Windows 10X, an expression of Windows 10 made for Microsoft’s new category of dual-screen PCs. It houses two 9-inch screens connected by a 360-degree hinge which allows the device to adapt to what you need it for (there’s a running theme here). It comes with a removable keyboard and compatibility with a host of other peripherals including the Surface Pen.

Both devices are scheduled to launch in Holiday 2020.

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