What Happens To Your Facebook When You Die?

It’s not exactly the nicest of things to talk about, but it’s interesting nevertheless – what happens to your Facebook when you die? 

There’s actually an entire section of your Facebook settings dedicated to your wishes for your account once you’re not around anymore.

Basically you have two options once you’re in these settings; delete your Facebook forever, or opt for ‘Memorial Mode’. Deleting your account is pretty simple, head to Settings > Privacy > Legacy Contact, and you’ll notice an option to have your account permanently deleted after you go. Once Facebook has been notified of your death and it confirms it, your account will disappear forever.

However if you choose Memorial Mode, your Facebook stays. It wont show up in ads, birthday reminders, “people you may know” sections etc, but it will still exist for people to post nice things about you. Choose your Legacy Contact wisely however, you don’t want to choose someone that’s going to pretend to be you from the afterlife.

All in all that’s pretty much what happens to your Facebook after you kick the bucket, unless you don’t go to these settings and in that case, it’s completely up to your friends and family what to do with it. In all fairness, at that point I’m not sure you’d really care very much anyway.