How to Trick Instagram’s Algorithm for Higher Engagement

In 2016, Instagram got rid of its chronological feed and instead opted for an algorithm to bring your favourite photos to the top of your feed. Since then, Instagram users have tried every trick in the book to try and trick the algorithm into getting their photos at the top of their followers feeds, and it now looks like one user has found something that works.

Here’s the rumour: Instagram’s algorithm is said to favour photos that have had Instagram’s own filters applied to them, even if the filters are applied so weakly that you can’t even tell the difference.

Illustrator Mariana Avila ‎Tweeted the trick last week after seeing influencer Courtney Quinn (@colormecourtney) share it with her 563,000+ followers:

This trick hasn’t been verified by any means, but some of the feedback from the original tweet makes it look like there might be something in it.

Try it out and let us know if it makes a difference.

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