7 Design Hacks for Making a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Most apartments that you’ll find today will most likely come with a rather small kitchen – in short, you’ll barely have enough space for 4 or 5 people to stay or move in it. However, you must not see this as an impediment.

After all, there won’t be too many situations when you’ll have to fit a handful of people in your kitchen. Instead, what you have to do is to make it look bigger – it doesn’t matter if it looks like the Doctor Who’s Tardis on the outside, all the magic happens on the inside.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll be talking about some design hacks that can help you make your small kitchen look bigger – let’s begin!

Let Light Flow In

It is common knowledge the fact that anything that’s well lit gives the impression of a bigger space. In this respect, you can keep the window treatments to a minimum so that more sunlight gets inside the kitchen.

You can also opt for skylights inside the kitchen, and even task lighting – the lighter the kitchen, the bigger it will look.

Light Color Scheme

In addition to having more light in your kitchen, you can also choose a light color scheme for its overall look – opt for pale and neutral colors, mainly white as it reflects light, giving the impression of a mirror, thus making the kitchen look bigger.

Opened Shelves

Let’s be honest – shelves with doors, so to say, just steal some of the precious space in your kitchen. The solid cabinet doors, besides the fact that they got quite old, are not recommended for someone that wants their space to look bigger.

Therefore – ditch them! Choose opened shelves and you’ll notice in an instant how your kitchen just got bigger.

Glass Cabinet Door

In case you still want cabinet doors in your kitchen, you could always go for glass doors. True, they are quite similar with opened shelves but give just the same impression of bigger space.

Moreover, you’ll be able to see what’s on the shelves without having to open the doors and you will have to keep them tidy as well. Unlike opened shelves, glass doors also give the impression of a more luxurious space overall.

Waste Solutions

In short, you’ll want your kitchen to be as clean as possible, in terms of items laying around on the countertop.

The most elegant solution for a trash can is to hide it behind a cabinet door, but you can also find garbage bins nowadays which add to the overall design of your kitchen.

As for food waste, you can check out this guide to the best garbage disposal to see which garbage disposal is strong enough for your needs or which one will save enough space in your cabinet.

In addition, make sure that everything you’ll have to use while cooking can be hidden out of plain sight once you are done using them. Roll them under the counter or have a designed storage space to deal with them.

Geometric Patterns

You can use geometric patterns to draw the eye lengthways or vertically, thus giving the impression of a taller and longer kitchen. Go for geometric patterns on your tiles, rugs, even tables, chair, and so on.

You could also rely on a geometric floor runner if you don’t feel like changing your kitchen tiles.

Integrated Appliances

Another great way to make your small kitchen look bigger is by using integrated appliances – these blend with the rest of your kitchen and usually have the same door front as the rest of the items in your kitchen.

In some cases, it might be quite difficult to find the door that you need, but the overall look of your kitchen will improve, making it look sleek and bigger. This is because there will be a dominant overall design within the kitchen, and not a variety of designs that, visually, take away some of your kitchen’s space.