How Peter Jackson Cleverly Colorized 100-Year-Old WW1 Footage

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Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is coming out with a new highly-acclaimed World War I documentary titled They Shall Not Grow Old. It follows the lives of soldiers during the first world war and has received high praise due to its colourization of the old footage.

“To memorialize these soldiers a hundred years later is to try to bring some of their humanity back into the world again,” Jackson says, “[to] stop them being a black-and-white cliche.

“Because they didn’t see the war in black and white. They did not experience this war in black and white. They experienced the war in full living colour, so why shouldn’t we now with the technology we have turned it from a black-and-white war back into a colour war again?”

Check out below how Peter and his team managed to cleverly restore the old black and white footage into cinema-worthy video.

They Shall Not Grow Old hits cinemas on the 17th December. Check out the trailer below.