Understand Your Users Through Website Session Recording

Imagine if your website had a brain. Imagine if you could see what users on your website are doing in real time and why they’re doing it. Wouldn’t it be amazing? This is not only a possibility but a solution to understanding what you’re missing about your users whenever they are on-site.

Most websites are currently using technology solutions to provide great customer experiences, and which help them organize and manage results of their web analytics to greatly improve their businesses online. So what technology solutions or analytics tool helps you see what customers do in real time on your website? Think website session recording.

How website session recording works

Whenever customers visit your website or application you are able to see what engages them, what they’re trying to accomplish while on your website, and their overall experience. This information helps you understand what works and what doesn’t.

It also sheds more light on when your customers get frustrated with particular information and why. Most important, website session recording helps you know what to do and how to help your customers have a great experience whenever they navigate your website.

Having to watch this analytic tool at work is not only a surreal experience but also eye-opening on what users are doing on your website at a particular time.

Because it captures everything from mouse clicks to every session replay. And saves a copy of each movement and heatmaps. To put it another way, it captures every screen swiped, any information created, and all mouse moves – any tiny event or session is recorded in detail.

What problems does it solve?

Not only does website session recording solve problems but also enhances customer experience, and helps you understand what customers are looking for on your website at a particular time, and what you need to improve on to keep them coming back. Among the many problems it solves include:

1. Help understand user experience

Observing what users are doing in real-time helps you understand their experience with your products and services. And these observations are crucial because they help you make adjustments on your products and services as well, especially if your users didn’t make any sense of it. This analytic tool gathers useful user experience that helps improve your business.

2. Sees how users interact with dynamic web application states

Often you want to know how users are interacting with dropdown menus, like books, pop-ups, sometimes even you want to know how they’re scrolling your pages. All this is possible to monitor through sessions recording. This tool will help you understand marketing funnels, analyzes effective online ads, discover and observe user frustrations, etc.

3. Solves bugs faster

It’s a given that anything can go wrong on a website including on your online products. So you need to know immediately a problem arises or a bug is reported.

This web analytics tool will help you know what has been affected by bugs, how to prioritize the impact, figure out when your website is encountering errors because it captures all sessions in real time.

There are many competitive advantages of recording sessions on your website. And they keep you at the top of the customer’s experience. If you want to enhance the performance of your website and keep customers coming back, it’s important thus to employ the use of such a web analytics tool.

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