Tesla Just Quietly Announced Their Very Own Powerbank

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Tesla is usually known for its innovation and groundbreaking products, namely in the automotive industry, however, their latest product is something you may not be expecting them to make at all.

As well as announcing an all-electric truck and the fastest production car ever made, they also quietly launched a mobile battery pack to charge your devices - and you don't need to wait two years to buy it!

It has built-in USB, micro USB and lightning cable and uses a single 18650 cell – which is the which is the same cell used in every Tesla before the Model 3. The new battery pack has a 3350mAh capacity, which is a bit disappointing from a company with Tesla's credentials.

If you know a Tesla fan, this would be a pretty good present, however, if you're actually on the lookout for a new powerbank, this one has 6-times the capacity at half the price (limited time Black Friday deal).