Here's How To Use The One-Handed Keyboard In iOS 11

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Apple's iOS 11 update is now out and users seem to be loving it. There are quite a few visually pleasing features to go through, but one of the more useful ones is the one-handed keyboard.

For people with either of the 'Plus' phones, or just people with smaller hands, iOS 11 hands a handy function that pushes the keyboard over to one side of the phone, so it's completely accessible from your typing hand.

Here's how it's done:

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1. Open up your iPhone keyboard in the Notes or Messenger apps.

2. Press down and hold the emoji button (located in the bottom left of the standard keyboard).

3. Three keyboard options will appear in the settings: Left-handed, standard, and right-handed. Select what works best.

4. Once a one-handed keyboard is selected, a “chevron” sign will appear on the side of the keyboard. Selecting that will allow you to return to normal (aka standard) keyboard settings.

One-handed keyboards can also be made a default option:

1. Go to the settings app.

2. Select “General > Keyboard.”

3. Tap one-handed keyboard and choose either right or left. Or return here to turn it “Off” if you’d like to return the advanced world of two-handed keyboard typing.

Heads up to Mashable for the guide.