If You’re a Designer, These Chrome Extensions Are Absolutely Essential

To be a successful designer you need as made skills in your locker as possible, you also need as many tools as possible to help you along the way. Chrome extensions can be extremely helpful depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Here are some essential Google Chrome extensions that you are going to need if you want to be a successful designer.

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Muzli 2

Design inspiration doesn’t get much better than this. Once installed you can get real time inspiration including; photographs, designs, UI/UX and more from around the web.

Flickr Tab

Once installed, Flickr Tab will display a new popular photo from the Flickr community.

Blue Button

You can use Blue Button to see the meta description, tags, CSS and everything else “under the hood” of any website.

Window Resizer Beta

So many screens have so many different resolutions nowadays, Window Resizer shows you how a website will look on different screens – all in your browser window.

Page Ruler

Page Ruler lets you see the pixel dimensions and positioning of any element of a web page by allowing you to create a virtual ruler.


This extension is actually pretty ingenious. It allows developers to put a semi transparent image overlay over the top of a web page, allowing you to perform a pixel by pixel comparison.


Choose from over 600,000 stock images and create images that are designed for every social media platform.


By far my personal favourite extension. HoverZoom allows you to zoom in on any image link without actually clicking on it. Works on tons of websites but if you’re a Reddit user, this is a must.


Easily create text overlays on any image without the hassle of using Photoshop, Canva etc.

Save To Google Photos

Save images you find online to your Google Photos so you can work on them later.

CSS Shack

CSS Shack allows you to create website designs and app-mockups incredibly easily. You export styles to HTML and CSS. This is a must download.


If you’re really into your fonts, then this is for you. WhatFont can pick out any font on the web and tell you what it is.

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is pretty much a free Photoshop Lite, if you don’t want to pay for the real thing. 


If you find a colour that you like on the web, you can use Colorzilla to pick the colour and find out the HEX code.