Gather: The Desk Organizer Every Workspace Needs

Desk organizers are ugly, there’s no doubt about it, they always have been. They won’t fit most of the stuff you need them for and they’ll end up making your desk look even worse than before because of their terrible design.

Well, Jeff Sheldon, who runs Ugmonk, has designed what is most likely the answer to all our desk organizer problems. Called Gather, it uses a minimal, modular design to store what usually clutters up your desk space.

We’ve been a fan of Jeff’s work for years, and knowing that he’s put 3 years into the design of Gather, it can only mean he’s got a seriously good product on his hands. We urge you to check out the Kickstarter campaign for Gather to find out more about what it can do – it’s already raised over $125,000 at the time of writing this, so don’t miss out.

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