16 Tips To Up Your Instagram Game

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In this pretty neat video by , popular photographer Chris Burkard walks you through 16 tips that will help up your Instagram game. Chris boasts over 2 million followers himself so he certainly knows a thing or two about the photo sharing app. So stop with the selfies and the 'TagsForLikes' rubbish and listen to what this man has to say.

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Here are the tips:

  1. Only posting selfies is [boring]… Go on adventures and look for great light
  2. Use hyper lapse app and get speedy
  3. Keep it chill with slow-motion
  4. Keep it consistent: Same look & feel, same themes
  5. Use editing apps like VSCO & Snapseed
  6. Focus on telling a great story, write a great caption
  7. Add a location to your photo for higher engagement
  8. Only use relevant hashtags
  9. Use Instagram Stories to engage with your audience
  10. Search hashtags you love and drop likes & follows
  11. If you comment, most people will check out your account
  12. Look out for accounts that (like @thecooph)
  13. Share your Instagram handle everywhere (e-signature, website etc.)
  14. Stop monkeying around with #followback
  15. Stop ghost following
  16. Don’t steal other people’s photos, get out there and take your own

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