4 Apps That Would Make Hilariously Awful Plots

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In light of Rovio's Angry Birds movie that came out earlier this year, Wired UK have put together a small list of mobile games that would make for underwhelming movies. Doodle Jump: A movie about a guy that wakes up on a floating rock, with the only option being to jump to rock above it - not exactly Tarantino. Check out the rest of the list - props to Wired UK.

Temple Run

Archaeologist Kentucky Smith (Nicolas Cage) finds himself hunted by Islamic State after stealing artefacts from a Syrian temple as it's being blown up. Teaming up with an alcoholic spy (Adam Driver), Smith is chased across the Middle East - all a set-up for the sequel, The Infinite Scrolls. Temple Run has actually already been optioned for a film. 


Fruit Ninja

Ken Watanabe stars as an ageing shinobi in this claustrophobic arthouse thriller. On the run from the cops, Watanabe's furious Snowflame darts into a Tribeca grocery store before taking the oddly unbothered owner (played by Bill Murray) - hostage. Shots - and watermelons - will fly!


Doodle Jump

An alien (a motion-captured Shia LaBeouf) wakes up on a floating rock, with no memory of how he got there. He jumps to the slab above, then to the one above that, and so on, hoping to find a clue to his predicament. A monologue, narrated by the director, has the alien pondering the futility of existence, and of life itself.


Monument Valley

Maisie Williams plays plucky princess Ida in this epic from the master of nonlinear storytelling. Our mute, soul-searching heroine defies the laws of physics and geometry as impossible architecture unravels around her, while being stalked by the possibly illusory Crow People (all played by Tom Hardy). A mind-bending 70mm experience to be screened exclusively in specially designed revolving cinemas.