How To Guarantee Your Pokémon Evolve to Over 1,000 CP in 'Pokémon Go'

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Now we're a few weeks into the release of the latest game that's taken over the world: Pokemon Go, we're starting to see higher and higher CP Pokemon on our friend's lists and in the gyms. If you rock up to a gym with no Pokemon over 1000, you might have a hard time trying to take it over, and if you do, it'll probably be taken back very quickly.

Luckily some legend on Reddit used a site called Pokemon Go Toolkit to calculate the minimum CP a Pokemon must have for its final evolution to be over 1000.

So basically if you capture at least a 339 CP Pidgey, the last evolution of it (Pidgeot) will end up being 1000 CP+.

So there you go, test it out and see how accurate it is, head to Pokemon GO Toolkit to input your Pokemon and its CP to see where exactly it will evolve to.