iOS 10: Everything You Need To Know

To the surprise of many, there wasn’t any hardware announced at Apple’s WWDC this year. However there were someone interesting software features announced for both Mac OS and iOS, with iOS 10 being one of the main ones. Here’s a run down of everything you need to know about the latest addition of the world’s most popular mobile OS.

  • You can finally delete stock Apple apps from your home screen.
  • iOS 10 introduces ‘Raise To Wake’ – your iPhone will give you details of your notifications by you just picking up your phone.
  • You can now clear all notifications at once from the lock screen.
  • 3D Touch will now give you widgets when pressing on an app icon.
  • Apple has finally opened up Siri to developers, so you’ll be able to use it with many more apps.
  • The Photos app now gets ‘Places’ so you’re able to see a quick rundown of where all your photos were taken. It will now also recognize faces and backgrounds to better group your photos into what they call ‘Memories’.
  • Apple Maps is getting an overhaul – you’ll now be able to see suggestions on what you could do based on where you are. Maps will also now give you many more options to choose from when planning your journey, as well as better integration with other apps.
  • Apple Music will get a complete UI redesign, making it a lot easier to use, as well as bigger artwork and lyrics.
  • Apple News also gets a complete design refresh making content easier to consume.
  • HomeKit will finally gets its own app called Home, coming with a ton more options. The Apple Watch will now have Home support.
  • You can now get transcriptions of your voicemails and the ability to see if calls are spam or not (yes!).
  • Emojis will now be three-times bigger in the Messages app.
  • Photo’s and videos will be more graphical, and you will now be able to swipe up to use the camera within Messages.
  • You can now have Messages auto-recommend emojis based on what you type.
  • Messages as a whole will become more personal, you can add different message bubble styles that shake or vibrate to show emotion. There is also now a reveal option that will mean the receiver will have to slide over the message to reveal it.
  • You can now write hand written messages and change the background in the Messages app as well.

So they’re the main points, there is a few more additions to the iOS as a whole, but they’re minor improvements. We recommend watching the whole keynote if you’re after more info. iOS 10 is expected to launch September, in conjunction with the iPhone 7.

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