10 Useful Websites You Probably Don’t Know About

It doesn’t take a genius to know how much of a vast place the internet is, there are so many websites that even the most tech-savvy of us have never heard of. Which is why we’ve created this list of ten sites that may have slipped under your radar, some aren’t completely unknown, but they’re definitely not used as much as they should be.


It’s not uncommon for someone to want to sign up to an email list for a certain perk, but you don’t because you can’t be dealing with the spam you know you’re going to get after. That’s where ThrowAwayMail comes in, it’s a disposable e-mail address service – every time you visit ThrowAwayMail.com a new e-mail address is generated just for you. You can read any emails that are sent to it until you exit the website.


Not exactly unheard of as a website, but not many people know quite what archive.org offers, it’s an incredible resource for free, legal access to millions of books, movies, albums and software. As well as having the Wayback Machine, which lets you see archived versions of websites from years ago.


Noisli provides subtle ambient noise while you work. A great site for those who struggle to knuckle down without background noise. Fancy some music mixed in? See Jazz and Rain.


Hate waiting on hold? Hate speaking to a machine? GetHuman has got your back, they give you the numbers and the prompts to bypass the machines.


Ninite is pretty much the site every PC user should visit when they first get their computer. You can install and update all of your programs at once. So instead of going and downloading Chrome, Skype, Spotify, iTunes etc separately, Ninite lets you install them in bulk. Genius.


No more sending
 yourself an email, copying that file using a USB or memorizing a serial number just to get text
 over to the other computer. Those days are now gone. We make it all so much more easier. All you have to do is copy & paste your text into
 Savr, and go to Simple.Savr from any computer that is under the same WiFi network. Your Savr
 will be waiting for you there from all your devices.

You can also send media, which makes this site incredibly useful.


WTFSIGTE stands for ‘where the fuck should I go to eat?’, after that it’s pretty much self explanatory. But it’s a pretty useful site if you’re in a rush to find somewhere and you don’t have time to go trawling through TripAdvisor. (NSFW language, obviously)

Just Delete Me

If you ever want to completely remove yourself from a website i.e Facebook, Amazon, Dribble – Just Delete Me will tell you the easiest way of doing it and, in some cases, if it’s even possible at all.


If, like me, and many others you find yourself scrolling through Netflix or any other popular TV and movie provider without actually choosing anything to watch because the list is just too long, SuggestMovie will help you out – it’s certainly not a one-of-a-kind but the suggestions are great. You’re also able to adjust the criteria to fit your needs more.


Sleepy Time perfectly calculates when you should be going to sleep and waking up for you to have the perfect night’s sleep.