Nendo Minimalist Survival Kit

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Japanese design firm Nendo has created the MINIM+AID - an ultimate survival kit that fits perfectly in a small storage tube that you carry on your back.

Realistically, in day-to-day life you're not going to find much use for it, but if you're the type of person that has an adventurous job or a set of slightly intrepid hobbies you could find the MINIM+AID useful.

It comprises of five detachable layers which include a crank-type radio that works as a hand-powered charger for smartphones, a rain-proof parka, a rechargeable lamp, a storage bottle for food and water and a first aid kit. A safety whistle is also tucked into the top lid of the kit, which fits together in a cylinder the size of a poster tube.

As useful as it is (or isn't to some people) you can't overlook the fact it also looks stunning. Take a look below.