The Evolution Of Star Wars Posters

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Everyone seems to be hyping about Star Wars at the moment, and it's not surprising since they recently released the latest trailer for The Force Awakens and the accompanying poster. The movie posters are some of the most iconic things when it comes to the Star Wars franchise, they've always looked stunning. io9 decided to put together a timeline of the classic posters from 1976 to present day. Check it out below.

This timeline features the main movie posters, go here to check the full timeline featuring teaser posters and unused ones.

The first major poster, released in 1977 and painted by Tom Jung.


Empire Strikes Back poster with art by Roger Kastel.


Return Of The Jedi - One of the most iconic Star Wars posters out there, with art by Kazuhiko Sano.


The Phantom Menace official poster.


Attack Of The Clones official poster, drawn by Drew Struzan.


'The Circle Is Now Complete' - The official poster for Revenge Of The Sith.


The recently released poster for The Force Awakens.