9 Of The Best Apple Watch Docks

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With the Apple Watch being out a couple of months now, we've got to the point where there is a good selection of stands and docks available that are actually worth buying.

Check out the best ones below, if you want to buy any of them the links are in the caption of the images. If you know of any Apple Watch docks that should be on this list, let us know in the comments.

Elago's W Stand
Price: $30

Budget-conscious however classy-looking. Comes in colours to compliment your choice of Apple Watch (silver, champagne gold, dark gray or black metal).

Mophie Watch Dock
Price: $60

The metal stand with leather accents is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing docks on this list, however the pricing puts to he more expensive end of the market.

TwelveSouth's HiRise For Apple Watch
Price: $50

This wouldn't be a list of docks without having a product from Twelve South on here would it? The HiRise for Apple Watch keeps the same roots as its mobile predecessors. A quality dock for a fair price.

Just Mobile's TimeStand
Price: $40

Minimal, metal, and inexpensive. The TimeStand is a good choice.

CalypsoCrystal's TimelessMoment
Price: $139

The TimelessMoment is by far the most expensive on this list, it's definitely aimed more at Edition buyers more than anything else. Whether the price tag is deserved or not, it's a beautiful dock, that's for sure.

Bobine Apple Watch Charging Dock
Price: $19

A functional, flexible and fun way to charge your Apple Watch, not only that, it's 25% off on our deals site.

Natural-Wood Stand by TRNDLabs
Price: $19.99

There's an abundance of wooden docks already available for the Apple Watch, but it takes a lot for it to both look good and work great. The Natural-Wood Apple Watch Charging Stand by TRNDLabs is perfect example of when a wooden dock meets both form and function.

OVA Wood Apple Watch Charging Dock
Price: $49.99

Just like the Natural-Wood Stand above, wooden docks that meet both form and function are rare, but OVA have nailed it here, their sleek, minimal dock is the answer for anyone looking to charge their watch in ultimate style.

Watch Stand by Griffin
Price: $29.99

A sleek, minimal, and black dock by a world-renowned company at a very fair price. This is up there with the best of them.