Quickly Turn PSDs to PNGs With This Useful Automater

If you’re like me and save PSDs to PNGs very often you also probably find it pretty annoying to go through all the steps needed.

  1. Find PSD
  2. Open PSD in Photoshop (not the fastest opening program)
  3. Save for Web
  4. Choose settings then hit save
  5. Then choose output folder

Those are all the steps required to just turn a PSD into a PNG. It’s a lot of hassle.

However there is a solution. Luis Silva has come up with a neat automator action that takes those five steps and simply turns it into one. 

With this action you can drag-n-drop multiple PSDs on to it and it’ll automatically turn them all into PNGs as well as put it into a new folder named PNG under the same folder the PSDs are located.

I put the action directly into my Finder toolbar so you can drag-n-drop a PSD onto the action from anywhere.

Download PSD to PNG Action