LG’s New 55-inch Wallpaper TV Is Incredible

Under 1mm thick and weighs just 1.9kg!
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LG are up there with the best of them when it comes to displays, and they've once again proved that by unveiling a 0.97mm-thick OLED TV at a press event in Korea on Tuesday.

LG's newest addition to their display collection is incredible. It sticks to the wall via magnets and can be peeled off again just like wallpaper. 

The 1.9kg display is currently only a prototype, but it does signal the continuing ambition of LG, and the industry as a whole. The technology is growing incredibly rapidly and it shows no signs of stopping.


There have been questions about connectivity and power which have yet to have been answered, the chances are the power comes from the magnet that the TV sticks to, but connecting HDMI or even a USB is a mystery.

Due to the TV not yet being a commercial product a price is yet to be mentioned, although it goes without saying that the starting price tag would be astronomical.

What do you think of the prototype and the continuing progression of this TV technology?