The NuDock Is The Most Stylish Way To Charge An Apple Watch

The NuDock Power Station Lamp from MiTagg is a beautifully designed dock and charger for your iPhone and Apple Watch, it also comes attached to an LED lamp and portable battery to create the most elegant looking dock that the Apple Watch has seen so far.

The NuDock is currently on IndieGoGo and has (at the time of writing this) raised 396% of its goal, yes you read that right. It comes in 2 possible colour combinations; silver and space grey, they both look incredible.

Here are the main features of the NuDock:

As well as the features listed above, there are a ton of small add-ons that make this dock a one-of-a-kind. Visit there IndieGoGo page to find out more about it.

MiTagg also supplied this video which pretty much explains everything this gorgeous-looking dock has to offer.

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