26 Interesting & Surprising Facts about Google | Infographic

Every day, hundreds of millions of people search for something on Google. Everything the from latest news or information about celebrities to cat pictures or funny videos. So we’re a master at searching for stuff on Google. But how much do you know about Google as a company?

For example, did you know that the company rents 200 goats to help with the landscaping on their California campus? Or that the original name of the search engine was “Backrub”? Did you know that Yahoo walked away from a deal in 2002 to buy Google for $3 billion? Today, Google is worth about 400 billion.

Like many other companies in Silicon Valley, Google has its own famous and crazy facts, which explains the culture and identity behind the technology giant. This infographic round up 26 crazy facts that you likely did not know about Google.

Infograpgic by WhoIsHostingThis