Best Weather Apps For iPhone And iPad

Will it rain today? Sure, you can ask Siri, but she cannot give you all the details you may need. For that you need to head over to a weather app of your choice. You can check upcoming rain alerts in the official weather app that Apple preinstalled on your phone, or go for one of the great alternatives available in the AppStore.

Weather apps fit into one of the most interesting categories of mobile apps in general. No matter which one you try, most of them offer the same features, which is also why the developers try their best to make their apps stand out.

This is the reason why weather apps often come with the best-looking interface, gorgeous graphics, and smooth animations. Today we’d like to present you with a list of 8 such apps for iPhone and iPad. Not only they will tell you if it is going to rain tomorrow, but also display a monthly forecast and an interactive weather map – all that wrapped in beautiful visuals.


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Note: Apps are in no particular order

Dark Sky

Described by many as the best weather app ever, Dark Sky for iOS lets you enjoy the weather without actually going outside. Through beautiful animations and meaningful transition, it gives you a detailed view at how storms have moved in the past and where they’re going in the future.

Dark Sky uses you device’s GPS to detect your location, allowing you to check the weather for the next hour, day, and week.


Here on UltraLinx we’re big fans of minimalist weather apps and Clima is among our favourites. It comes with an incredibly simple interface, which dropped realistic icons and buttons in favour of bright colours and gestures. Clima welcomes you with a dashboard that lets you view current temperature and weather. Swipe the screen to see more information like hourly forecast, daily forecast, precipitation chance, sunrise, sunset, cloudy, and humidity.

Fresh Air

Second minimalist weather app in our compilation, Fresh Air, takes elegance to a whole new level. The app uses a slightly toned-down palette of colours and light typography to display weather information in a very accessible manner. It can visualize temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, sunrise, and sunset as well as warn you when there’s a storm coming your way.

Fresh Air can also look into your calendar appointments and send you a notification to help you prepare the right outfit for the day.


Solar is one of the most-talked weather apps for the platform. When it originally launched on the AppStore, the app surprised the users with its incredibly simple and intuitive interface and gesture-based navigation. Solar does not have many advanced features, but it is fast and easy to use. Open the app, check the weather, and get on with things.

Weather Dial 2

Remember Weather Dial? Before Apple announced iOS 7 and iOS 8, it was one of the most beautiful weather apps for the platform. Its gorgeous skeumorphic interface was crafted with great attention to detail and amazed both casual users and graphic designers. The apps successor, Weather Dial 2, is tailored for iOS 8 and offers the same experience, but in an even sleeker package.

Weather Dial 2 has a very simple interface that puts the weather first. It displays current temperature on the main screen but rotate your phone and you will see a detailed 24-hour forecast. It comes with two colour themes for better visibility day or night and various weather data, including windage and humidity readouts.


Not sure what to wear today? Ask Three for help. This beautifully minimal app analyzes current weather conditions and suggests three items of clothing which would keep you warm (or cool in summer). Gorgeous gradients in the background change depending on temperature and time of day so every time you launch the app, you will see something new.

Authentic Weather

Authentic Weather is probably the only weather app in the AppStore, which tells the weather how it really is. More often than not, the app uses swear words to stress emphasize certain aspects of current weather conditions, like hoarfrost or sweltering heat. Feel free to take Authentic Weather for a spin, but never ever give it to your children!

Weather Widget

As the name suggests, Weather Widget is not a standalone weather app – at least technically. In reality it is a fully-featured weather informant that sits in your phone or tablet’s notification shade, allowing you to see various forecasts for basically any place in the world at a glance.

If you recommend any other great weather apps for iOS, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.

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