Samsung Turns Ridiculous Galaxy S6 Rumours Into Amazing Renders

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be revealed very soon and a thick cloud of rumours is hovering over it. The closer it is to the release, the thicker the cloud gets. Every day brings a bunch of new stories about the device, some of which are downright ridiculous.

Unlike previous years when the company would simply ignore these rumours, on the occasion of upcoming announcement Samsung decided to embrace them and take some of the device’s rumoured features to the extreme.

In a series of images posted on the official Norwegian website, Samsung presents the phone as a slick see-through rectangle, an interesting-looking oval that can spread its wings to reveal large front-facing speakers, and a triangular three-sided brick, which looks like a toy that I used to play with in kindergarten.

It is obvious that the company is joking and I really admire the ironical and witty way in which its marketing team is doing it. Check out the renders below and let us know in the comment section which of them you’d like to see become a reality.

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