Withings Activite Pop Smartwatch


Withings Activite Pop Smartwatch

Withings, the company behind some of the best looking health wearables on the market, just announced a new device called Activite Pop. It's a more affordable version of their original Activite smartwatch, which looks like a traditional timekeeper, but in reality is a fully-featured activity tracker.

If it wasn't for an additional smaller dial on its face, the Activite Pop could be taken for a regular analog watch. The dial measures how close you are to fulfilling your activity goal for the day. Goals can be set using the official companion apps for smartphones and tablets. Just like the original Activite, the Activite Pop can also track your sleep patterns during the night and wake you up with an optimally timed vibration.

The Activite Pop features a silicone strap and PVD-coated watchface. The materials may not be as luxurious as genuine leather and glass, but look good enough to consider calling the watch a fashionable item. When it hits the market later this year, the device will available in three stylish colours for $150.

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Withings Activite Pop Smartwatch