Monument Valley in Numbers, How Much Did It Make?

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Monument Valley in Numbers, How Much Did It Make?

Monument Valley was one of those games that was difficult to ignore in 2014. It was easily one of the most popular games of the year, it won many awards and was even used by both Apple and Google in their product images you see on their respective stores.

One side we never hear of when it comes to a successful app or game is the numbers. Such as how much did the app make, how long did it take to build and how much did it cost. ustwo, the London based app and web development company who made the game, have put together an awesome infographic sharing info you would usually never see.

It's really interesting to see how much work and how much money it cost to make the game. Total development time for the original game was 55 weeks with $825,000. That's an absolutely insanely high risk. There was no way they could have known whether the game would have been a success. But thankfully for them it all paid off.

Monument Vallery in Number