Drummer Is An Awesomely Simple Music Making App for iPhone


Drummer Is An Awesomely Simple Music Making App for iPhone

Making music is becoming easier than ever due to phones, tablets and the apps that developers are creating for them. No need for an expensive studio with expensive equipment, you can make your own music from the palm of your hands.

However there does still seem to be a learning curve when it comes to making your own music and it can be daunting when you first try to do so.

Drummer wants to make it easy for anyone and everyone to make beats and it does so incredibly well. After playing with the app for a few minutes I was already producing beats you would usually only hear in hugely popular hit songs.

The app presents you with two beats to get started. When you tap on one you're shown a 4x4 grid where you can tap on the spots to make that beat kick in. The bottom half of the screen lets you scroll through different types of sounds. You choose your spots, choose a sound and the app does the rest. You can also change the tempo really easy.

It really is so simple and really good fun because the app doesn't let you mess up. You can get a nice beat nearly all the time.

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