The iPhone 6 Plus Has A Huge Design Flaw

The iPhone 6 Plus has a huge design flaw that was inevitable really. With more and more phones becoming thinner and larger, the pieces of metal holding them together will lose their strength.

Apple’s new iPhones are incredibly thin and the only way to do that was to make the aluminium and glass that holds it together thin too. However aluminium isn’t the most toughest metal and as it gets thinner, it becomes weaker.

Many 6 Plus users have noticed their phones bending when put into their front pockets. Because the phone is so large it will take up a large amount of pocket space. If wearing skinny jeans or shorts the device will inevitably be put under a lot of strain, especially when sitting down.

UnboxTherapy did a quick bend test with the 6 Plus and found that they could easily bend it with just their bare hands.

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