10 Creative Business Card Designs


If you are searching for some inspiration to design a beautiful set of business cards then these 10 creative business card designs should guide you in the right direction. This collection of unique and creative business card designs explores more than just a boring flat rectangle form. Let this compilation of designs help you establish a professional image.

1. Wooden Face Card
This beautiful card is created using only wood as the primary material, indented with company information in black.

10 Creative Business Card Designs


2. Iced Coffee Card
With a mission to bring proper off-the-shelf iced coffee to the people of the United Kingdom and beyond, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee opted for a bottle shaped card design.


3. Bentply Flatpack Card
This clever card design is perforated to be able to be manipulated into the shape of a mini armchair



4. Turf Cards
A business card that combines a clever choice of material and stamping.

Cards 6

5. Typographic Card
Black. White. Thick. Full. Quirky. This typographic card hosts this and more in one small piece of extra thick business card.

Cards 7

Cards 8

6. Tennis Court Card
A simple yet inspirational idea imagined by Antiono Correa for the staff of Salu Denia Tennis Academy, transforming the format of a traditional business card into a real ground tennis court.



7. Concrete Cards
Playing with the notion of scales, Murmure created a set of business cards made of concrete.



8. Yoga Mat Card
Flow Yoga Studio offers the best in yoga treatments to give a fantastic, relaxing experience. And if the company's facilites alone doesn't leave a lasting impression, its innovative business card certainly will. Rolling up like a real yoga mat.


9. Rubber Stamp Cards
Sassen Design has created an easy 'to-hand' rubber stamp business card. Each card is made with two stamps, one for the business name and one for the contact information.



10. Die Cut Cards
Here's an interesting and strong die cut business card design crested in California by Gabe Ferreira.