Navdy - A HUD For Your Car That Connects To Your Smartphone


Navdy - A HUD For Your Car That Connects To Your Smartphone

Even though smartphones have become one of the greatest inventions, they have also become a huge distraction, especially in the car. Navdy is a neat gadget for your car to make using your phone safer.

Navdy is a device that sits on the dashboard of your car and flips open to show a transparent glass that becomes a heads-up display. This display shows information such as speed, navigation, calls, messages and more all from your smartphone, to which it connects to via Bluetooth.

You don't have to touch anything to perform any actions either. Navdy has voice commands and touchless gestures which you simply perform in front of it, such as swiping to answer calls and dismiss notifications.

Navdy features a 5.1-inch screen, high quality projector, accelerometer, WiFi, a speaker, a microphone and even an OBD-II connector to read information from your car.

HUD's are available in many modern cars but they're usually very expensive extras or only come up with high-end cars which aren't affordable to most. Navdy is currently only priced at $299.