SwiftKey Goes Free On Android – With New Themes And Features

SwiftKey has become the number one keyboard replacement on Android. This seemingly simple keyboard app has changed the way I communicate with people and made typing a wonderful experience. I didn’t think SwiftKey could get any more awesome, but I was wrong. After the recent update, the app did not only get a new look and features, but also went free for all new and existing users.

From now on, SwiftKey is a free application with in-app payments. Instead of charging for the full version, developers decided to introduce a new model of monetization that relies on premium keyboard themes that you can download from the built-in SwiftKey Store. We believe there is another reason, too. With iOS 8 opening the system’s gates to third-party keyboards, it is very likely that developers behind SwiftKey are working on an iOS version of the keyboard that will debut in the AppStore later this year.

There are 30 themes at launch, some of which are free. You can purchase themes separately or save a few pounds and buy packs. I’ve tried a few skins and I am really impressed. From very minimal to classic to retro, there are many great designs and colours to choose from.

But that’s not all. Along with theme theme store, the new version of SwiftKey comes with a slew of new features. Those include support for more than 800 emoji, improvements to the text prediction engine, a number row that you can optionally add to the keyboard, a new default theme, and support for five new languages.

Users who have already paid for the full version of the app get a huge theme pack completely for free. What a nice gesture!

SwiftKey 5 – Play Store

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