iOS 8 – Everything You Need To Know

Apple has announced iOS 8 which is set to come to Apple smartphones and tablets later this year in the fall.

The new mobile OS mainly brings a bunch of different improvements and features which as a whole betters the iOS experience.

Here is a quick breakdown of what is new to iOS 8.


The messages app now brings some new features which you would find in apps like WhatsApp. Users can now send short video and audio messages very quickly to contacts. Users can also share their location with contacts to make finding one another much easier. There is also a dedicated attachment section so all photos and videos between a specific contact can be seen very quickly.


The keyboard has now been updated to include predictive text. It learns how a user types, what they type, how they type and even what they type depending on the contact or form of messaging. So it’ll give users different word suggestions depending on who is being messaged – very useful when messaging your boss or messaging a friend.

Users can also replace the keyboard entirely with third party ones from the App Store.

Family Sharing

Family members can now share content with each other making it easy to access content such as music, movies and apps between everyone without having to purchase multiple times.

Calendars will sync between family members making it easy for everyone to stay organised and know their schedules.

Location tracking is available for family members to easily find each other and see where they are at any given moment. Location tracking can of course be turned off.

To make purchasing apps and in-app purchases easier and give parents more control, Apple has introduced the ability to require permissions before any purchases are made. Making it much easier to keep things in check before seeing a huge bill.

iCloud Drive

iCloud has been upgraded and now offers an iCloud Drive service. This service works across Mac, iPad and iPhone. Users can store anything they want on their iCloud Drive and access them across their devices.


Health is an entirely new app which will be coming with iOS 8. This app draws all the information from your device and other apps and puts it into one place. It’s a dashboard for all the health information available.


Continuity is Apple’s way of making a Mac, iPhone and iPad work together seamlessly. With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite devices can now talk to each and work together to offer a number of functions.

Users can now accept phone calls going to their iPhone from their Mac or iPad. They can even place and send messages and calls from Mac or iPad through their iPhone.

Handoff is another feature which tells devices what they’re using so it can be picked up on another device. If a user is creating a document on their Mac in Pages, a little Pages icon will show on their iPad or iPhone in the bottom left. Sliding up on this icon will allow the user to carry on where they left off on their Mac instantly.


Spotlight has been improved to offer much more in-depth search functionality. When entering search queries Spotlight will instantly try and guess a query and offer information on it – whether it be a Wikipedia entry, nearby restaurant, sports team, app or movie times.

There will be a number of others minor improvements which we will see as the new mobile OS rolls out later this year. Apple may even have some more features up its sleeves because they usually release iOS 8 with the new iPhone.

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