Best Android Apps For Rooted Devices

Rooting your Android device can bring many benefits. With the right set of applications, you can easily make it more functional or fix annoying bugs. Programs that require root privilege can access and modify system files to reduce memory use or improve battery life. They can also influence overall performance and modify the appearance of the interface as well as provide better security for your files and folders.

Below you’ll find a list of 10 apps built with rooted Android phones and tablets with mind. We hope you will find them useful.

Simple Root Checker

This simple application will tell you if your Android device is rooted.


Grant and revoke root access rights for all the apps on your device. SuperSU allows you to set up permissions for individual programs as well as temporarily or completely unroot your phone in case of problem.

Root Explorer

With this app you can browse and manage files stored on your device’s root directory. You can uninstall obsolete applications and large temporary files that take up your internal memory space. Be careful not to delete essential system apps, though.


You go-to application when it comes to battery saving apps. Greenify is a smart program that learns, which applications have the biggest impact on your phone’s battery life and memory usage and automatically freezes them when you need to save energy. Thanks to root access, Greenify can silently clean memory and close battery hogging apps in the background.

Chainfire 3D

Is gaming performance on your device disappointing? Fix it with Chainfire 3D. This simple app will download an install an intermediary OpenGL driver that you can tweak to reduce texture size and quality and improve overall smoothness. Warning! Chainfire 3D is not compatible with newer devices running Android 3.0 or later.

Titanium Backup

If you’re planning a memory format or thinking about switching ROMs, Titanium Backup is a must-have app. It will create a complete backup of the system, applications, and personal files stored in your phone. Once you’re done with spring cleaning, you can easily restore data.

System App Manager

An intuitive and good-looking application manager for rooted devices. It allows you to uninstall apps downloaded from the Play Store as well as get rid of bloatware your phone came with.


Build a firewall between installed applications and the web. With AFWall+, you can quickly restrict specific programs from access to your data connection (2G/3G or Wi-Fi) as well as control traffic while connected through VPN or LAN.

Font Installer

Some devices come with really weird fonts that fit neither Android itself, nor the interface. If you’re looking for a way to swap them for something more suitable, download Font Installer to your phone or tablet. This simple application allows you to install custom fonts in just a few taps.

Battery Saver

Last but not least, Battery Saver is a powerful battery saving application that can optimize energy usage and automatically turn off certain features when you do not use them. Unlike other similar programs, this one doesn’t slow down the processor or data connection. Instead, it configures system’s energy consumption settings to get the best results.

If you recommend any other Android apps for rooted devices, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.

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