40 E-Books For Designers

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40 E-Books For Designers

In the past, a man was only considered to be wise if he had a large library filled with old books, scrolls, and manuscripts. Nowadays, personal libraries seem to be obsolete as we can store thousands of books on a device that is barely the size of a thumb. However, we believe it is just the medium that has changed. Books, both paper and digital, hold the same amount of precious knowledge that one can gain simply by reading them.

So here is a huge list of 40 awesome e-books on interface and experience design, web, and typography as well as creativity, psychology, and marketing. Most of them available for download for free either online, or as a PDF file. You can read them on your e-book reader, tablet, or phone.

Feel free to download as many books as you like. It won't take much to read them and when you're done, you'll be surprised to find out how much you've learned. Enjoy!

Introduction To Good Usability
by Peter Pixel

Usability is essential when it comes to design. This book will tell you how to manage space, layout, typography, and content to create great websites.

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook
by ustwo

A handbook on digital design written by the specialists from PixelPerfect. Precious knowledge, illustrated.

40 E-Books For Designers

Mobile Book Of Trends 2014
by Marcin Treder

With this handy book, you'll learn about 10 of the latests trends in mobile design.

40 E-Books For Designers

Knock Knock
by Seth Godin

A guide to building websites that work written by a man who is often described as “America’s Greatest Marketer”.

Designing Interfaces – Patterns for Effective Interaction Design
by Jenifer Tidwell

A collection of patterns for effective interaction design. When in doubt, reach out for this book for reference.

50 Ways To Please Your Customers
by Mobify

Designing for mobile is a difficult task, but with help of this book and 50 great tips it contains, you will master it in no time.

40 E-Books For Designers

20 Things I Learned About Browsers And The Web
by Google Chrome Team

Very few know more about Internet browsers than the team behind Chrome. Now, through this short, but extremely interesting book, they're sharing their knowledge with everyone. You'll learn a lot about how the browsers have evolved over the years, how they work, and how they have changed the way we surf the web.

40 E-Books For Designers

Search User Interfaces
by Marti A. Hearst

If you want to design functional search user interfaces, you need this book.

Web Style Guide
by Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton

This book was written in 1999, but remains valid as one of the best style guide for web interfaces.

Designing Mobile Interfaces
by Steven Hoober and Eric Berkman

This book contains more than 40 proven UI patterns for mobile apps and websites. It's a must have for every designer.

Building Accessible Websites
by Joe Clark

Accessbility is important, but don't take our word for it. Read Clark's book to learn how to integrate it into your next design project and what how it will benefit your clients and users.

40 E-Books For Designers

Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design
by Shawn L. Henry

A great book on integrating accessibility throughout the entire design process.

The Woork Handbook
by Antonio Lupetti

This e-book is a collection of articles written by a web designer.

40 E-Books For Designers

Converting The Believers
by Usereffect

Learn how to use various analytics tools to increase your website's populairty and maximize its potential.

User-Centred Design – The Fable of the User-Centered Designer
by David Travis

Learn how to apply the framework of user-centred design to your own project.

234 Tips and Tricks for Recruiting Users as Participants in Usability Studies
by Deborah Hinderer Sova and Jacob Nielsen

If you cannot find an usability study you need for your project, conduct your own. This book will tell you how.

Connecting The Dots
by 42 UX masterminds

How exciting is the life of an UX professional? Find out by reading this great book written by the masterminds from UX Storytellers.

40 E-Books For Designers

An In-depth Guide to Web Technology Platforms
by Squiz

Get an in-depth understanding of functionality in modern web platforms.

40 E-Books For Designers

Task-Centered User Interface Design
by Clayton Lewis and John Rieman

Based on 8 usability studies conducted in 4 countries, this huge report will tell you how people actually use websites and apps.

40 E-Books For Designers

Designing the Mobile User Experience
by Barbara Ballard

Learn how to create compelling mobile phone applications and websites as well as design experience that bonds with the users.

40 E-Books For Designers

Research Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines
by Usability.gov

If you're new to web design, you should know the basics. This book has them all, along with best practices for every phase of the design process and great research papers on usability.

Design Your Imagination
by WebGuru Infosystems

Written for both newbies and seasoned professionals, this book explains and exemplifies every aspect of web design.

Taking Your Talent To The Web
by Jeffrey Zeldman

Everything goes digital these days and so should your works. If you're in print, this book will tell you how to become a web designer and deepen your knowledge and skills.

40 E-Books For Designers

Getting Real
by 37 Signals

With this value-packed book, you will learn how to build successful web applications.

40 E-Books For Designers

One Thing I Know
by Creative Leaders

A collection of insights from creative entrepreneurs from the UK. In their articles, they share their experience, knowledge, and tips. This book is a great source of motivation.

40 E-Books For Designers

Creative Suite Printing Guide
by Adobe

Written by Adobe themselves, this book contains all the information you will ever need when printing from Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

40 E-Books For Designers

How to be Creative
by Hugh MacLeod

Even if you consider yourself to be creative, there's always room for improvement. With this book you will learn how to maximize your creativity and potential to get better results at work.

40 E-Books For Designers

Graphic Design for Non-profit Organisations
by Vignelli and Peter Laun­dry

A book focused on graphic design for non-profit organisations. Surprisingly, there's a lot more to it than one could think. In case your next project will be for such company, read this book and explore the topic beforehand.

40 E-Books For Designers

The Design Funnel
by ChangeThis.com

A book that teaches how to convert client input into an effective design approach. The author offers a personal insight into the process and demonstrates its value.

The Creative Aid Handbook
by Kooroo Kooroo

When in need of inspiration, read the book. Filled with beautiful design examples, Kooroo Kooroo's book will become your first aid resource for your creative projects.

40 E-Books For Designers

Meet Your Type: A Field Guide To Typography
by FontShop

Filled with illustrations and bright examples, this short book will tell you more about tyopgraphy than you could imagine.

40 E-Books For Designers

Butterick's Practical Typography
by Matthew Butterick

Everything you've ever wanted to know about tyopgraphy, but were afraid to ask + personal insights and suggestions from the author. This great volume is a must-have for every typography lover.

40 E-Books For Designers

Type Classification
by Just.Creative.com

A 27-page book on typography classifications. It will provide you with better understanding what you're dealing with in your projects.

Typo Tips
by Font Shop

A compilation of tips and techniques from Font Shop. It should help you improve your typography or at least learn the basics.

40 E-Books For Designers

Web Designer's Success Guide
by Kevin Airgid

This book is a great resource for starting your own web design freelance business. It contains many useful tips and step-by-step instructions how to become a successful and independent web designer.

Guide To Guerrilla Freelancing
by Mike Smith

Whether you're a freelancer, or you're looking to start your own design business from a scratch, get this awesome book. It is a collection of articles published on the Guerrilla freelancing website.

40 E-Books For Designers

Time Management For Creative People
by Mark McGuinness

Learn how to maximize your time and productivity to archieve better results and embrace your creativity.

40 E-Books For Designers

Breaking The Time Barrier
by Mike McDerment And Donald Cowper

This book was not written specifically for designers, but will teach you a lot about the value of time, productivity, and effective economy.

40 E-Books For Designers

Psychology and Industrial Efficiency
by Hugo Münsterberg

An in-depth look at the role of psychology in an industrial society.

Mental Models in Human-Computer Interaction
by John M. Carroll and Judith Reitman Olson

To design a functional interface, you need to know how humans interact with computers. This book might have been published in 1987, but research issues you will find inside can make your next project fly.

If you recommend any other great e-books for designers, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.