30 Photorealistic 3D Renders Of People

It is amazing what computers are capable of these days. With the right software, 3D artists can use them to create photorealistic renders of landscapes, buildings, objects, and people.

Below you will find computer-generated portraits of regular people, celebrities, and even fantasy creatures. It is very easy to recognize who they are as the pictures are incredibly realistic. To tell you the truth, when I saw them, I thought they’re photographs or well-crafted models. I particularly like “The Revolutionary” by Kris Kelly and Sven Geruschkat’s “Evil Witch”, who gives me the creeps.

Check out the gallery for a few of the best 3D renders of people. They were created by various artists from all around the world, which only proves that the technique is being developed in many different ways. Who knows, maybe one day computer-generated imagery will replace the real people on magazine covers?

Self Portrait by U-Ri So

The Revolutionary by Kris Kelly

Then Flying the Youth by Shang-Peng Leng

Evil Witch by Sven Geruschkat

Far and Away by Stanislav Klabi

Soldier by Yi Xu

Kid by Rakesh Sandhu

Portrait of A Young Woman by Khitan

King Henry IV by Visual Forensic

Heydar Aliyev by Oleg Koreyba

Old Man by Jin Hee Lee

Bear King by Anders Ehrenborg

Captain Jack Sparrow by ZhiHeng Tang

Self Portrait by Marco di Lucca

The Javert by Luces

Mursi Tribesman by Adam Skutt

Lindford by Mathieu Aerni

Jonas by Zbynek Kysela

You’re Goddamn Right! by Riccardo Minervino

Here’s Johnny by Hossein Diba

Heath Ledger by Max Edwin Wahyudi

Da Nao Tian Gong by Wei Long Zhong

Happy Birthday Nana by Dan Roarty

AYCO by Chris Nichols

Johnny Cash by Bruno Jiménez

Body Builder by Jian Xu

Bernadette by Stephen David Molyneaux

White Male Portrait by Amr Helmy

Simon Bolivar by Visual Forensic

Smoked by GV Prashanth

via BlazePress

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