These Stunning Photos Were Taken With An iPhone

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These Stunning Photos Were Taken With An iPhone










Smartphones are getting better and better at taking pictures and the iPhone has become a leader when it comes to pictures taken and uploaded on the internet. The camera on the iPhone isn't even anything special, there are many other better smartphones out there with better camera. However the iPhone is one of the most popular and as many say, the best camera is the one you always have with you.

Julian Calverley is a professional photographer from England who has an iPhoneonly series. Instead of trying to achieve really sharp and bright images that you would find from a DSLR, Julian has taken a different approach. By using the faults you'd find from the iPhone camera, such as low dynamic range, average sharpness and low megapixel count, he has edited the pictures in a way to use those effects to his advantage. The pictures all have a very dark and gritty feel to them. They have all obviously been edited, but it goes to show what you can achieve from a phone.

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