Best News Reading Apps For Android


Best News Reading Apps For Android

Whether it is included in your job description or you just like knowing what's going on in the world, it's good to follow the news. There many many ways to learn what happened when you were away, but the one that uses your smartphone is probably the simplest. You have it on you all the time and with the right applications, you can turn your Android device into a powerful news aggregator.

Today we're presenting you with a list of such apps. They offer well-designed interfaces, great features, and integration with your favourite news sources, be it your RSS library or online collections. Most of the apps we've selected for you are easy to navigate and customize, so can tweak their appearance and functionality the way you see fit. Enjoy!


Feedly is the official app for a news service known under the same name. Similarly to gReader, it syncs with your Feedly-based RSS library to download and sort the news. While I personally am not very fond of the interface, I appreciate the speed and features offered by the app. Feedly integrates with Buffer, Instapaper, Pocket and other third-party services. Additionally, it automatically syncs data between multiple mobile devices and web.

Google Newsstand

Google created Newsstand from the ashes of Reader. It is not as handy as its predecessor, but for casual news reading it is more than enough. Newsstand has a gorgeous interface full of animations and transitions and downloads curated content from hundreds of sources. The content is divided in categories, so following topics and publishers you are interested in is as easy as tapping a single button.


A powerful news reader built with performance in mind. If there are hundreds of channels in your RSS library, you will not find a better app to manage them. gReader comes with many useful features such as mark as read on scroll and background sync. It works with Feedly and The Old Reader, but if you'd prefer to use it without any online services, you can do that too.

The interface is pretty and offers three color themes to choose from.


A beautiful application designed for Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, and Fever. Press is praised by users from all around the world for attention to detail and polish that are evident on every screen. Functionality-wise, it is not far off either. It offers background syncing, offline mode, two themes, one-tap sharing to Pocket and Instapaper, various reading options, and home screen widgets.


Flipboard is a standalone news service that also integrates with your RSS collection and social accounts. It pulls data from all these sources and displays them in a beautiful way that looks and feels like a book. You can flip pages filled with articles, images, and articles, and organize them in categories. Once you're done reading, you can easily share an article to your friends and family. Flipboard is available on any major mobile platform, including iOS and Windows 8.1.


Vu was designed to not only let you read your news, but also explore it. This beautiful app comes with a rich selection of sources that delivers great content from hundreds of renowned publishers. In addition to beautiful interface, it comes with an algorithm that suggests news based on your preferences. Articles and topics and be easily shared with your favourite social network or sent via NFC, text message or e-mail.


Circa delivers news tailored specifically for mobile consumption. If you're in a hurry and have only a few minutes to spare, it is your best choice. Launch the app, choose and article, and read it sipping the last drops of your breakfast coffee. All content that shows up is Circa is curated by its very own editors who produce easily digestible stories.

The app is not a RSS reader. Instead, it suggests headlines and topics you might be interested in.


When I am buried under a pile of to-do lists and do not have time to read longer stories I stumbled upon during the week, I sent them to Pocket. It is a very simple and easy to use read-it-later service that stores articles, images, and videos on your online accounts and presents them in a beautiful, distraction-free way. When the weekend comes, you can sit in your beloved chair and catch up on everything you haven't had time for earlier.

These are only a few of the great news reading apps for Android. If you recommend any others, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.