Litely - Minimal Photo Editing App

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Litely - Minimal Photo Editing App

VSCO Cam has become huge since it launched on the iPhone, and moving over to Android. It offered photographers much more professional, subtle and elegant filters that no other app offered.

However there hasn't been a good competitor to VSCO Cam until now. Litely is a new app that looks to be a great competitor to VSCO Cam.

Litely is free to download and offers quite a few filters out of the box. Like VSCO Cam, you can purchase more filters through in-app purchases.

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The filters provided are stunning and can completely transform a picture if applied correctly. The app offers some very nice visuals and has a neat parallax effect where the picture moves when you tilt the device.

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As well as offering filters you also get a standard set of tools such as exposure compensation, brightness, vibrancy and others.

The app as a whole is really simple to use and allows editing very quickly and easily. Once you've finished editing a pic you can save it to your gallery but it doesn't offer quick sharing on social profiles like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully that is something they'll be adding in the future.

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