The Start Menu Will Be Back In A Future Update of Windows

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The Start Menu Will Be Back In A Future Update of Windows

If you cannot get over the removal of the Start Menu in Windows 8, don't worry - it will be back in the next version of Microsoft's operating system. During a keynote that took place yesterday at Moscone Center in San Francisco, the company announced that it is looking to improve the experience for desktop users by bringing back some of the most-requested features, including the beloved Start Menu.

In the early preview that was shown on stage during the conference, Microsoft revealed that the new Start Menu will be different from the one we see and use in Windows 7. Rather than just a list of installed programs and shortcuts, the Menu is expected to become a miniaturized version of the full-screen Start screen, with customizable app tiles and notifications. That way Microsoft will bring the best features of Windows 8 into the world of users who are not ready for a complete switch yet.

Additionally, resurrection of the Start Menu will greatly improve the experience for those who do not own a computer equipped with a touch screen. It is incomparably easier to launch and manage applications from a pull-up menu instead of pressing the Windows button and trying to find the right tile on the screen filled with colours and shapes, and we're glad to see Microsoft finally acknowledge that. The new desktop, however, will not replace the current Windows environment entirely. Those who want to use the full-screen Start Menu and apps will have an ability to enable them in the settings.

Microsoft said that the Start Menu, alongside other new features and improvements, will be a part of a future update of Windows. Since the company's has just released the Update 1 for Windows 8.1, we do not expect the details to appear sooner than in six months.