IFTTT App Brings Easy Task Automation To Your Android Device

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IFTTT App Brings Easy Task Automation To Your Android Device

There are apps and services that can practically reinvent the way you do certain things, but you had no idea they existed. One of them is IFTTT, formerly known as If This Then That, which is a powerful tool for managing tasks and social activities. Until recently, IFTTT was available only to web and iPhone users, but from now on can download it also on any Android device.

Just like on other platforms, IFTTT for Android allows you to create recipes that you can program to perform various tasks automatically. For instance, it will immediately update your Facebook profile as soon as you publish a tweet, share a photo you've uploaded to your Tumblr blog on Google+ or send a starred e-mail to Evernote.

IFTTT offers plenty of customization options for both the recipes and messages that are posted along with selected content and encourages you to experiment with different combinations. If you're a heavy social network user or have a popular fanpage, you can use the service to reach all your friends and fans at once, with just a few taps on your phone's screen.

IFTTT for Android takes advantage of software's openness to integrate its functionality deep into the system. As a result, it bears a few features exclusive to Google's mobile platform. It can trigger selected actions based on device settings, location, notifications, texts, photos, and more. To save your precious time and effort, the app can automatically activate silent mode when you connect to your office Wi-Fi network or send a message to your spouse when you'll be heading back home.

Intrigued? Take IFTTT for Android for a spin and see how much easier your life will get.