See Elegance And Modernity Meet In This Stunning Apartment In Poland

Interior designers and architects keep pushing boundaries of what we see as beautiful and continue to amaze us with their creativity and skills. This time it is Kasia Orwat, an artist from Poland, who managed to turn an ordinary apartment into a real work of art.

Located in Poznań, one of Poland’s biggest cities, the apartment features an elegant combination of black and white. Marriage of these two classic colours harmonizes with simplicity of the general design concept. Ceilings and floors are white and clean and so are walls, except for a few stylish drawings that add a nice, sophisticated touch.

While the architectural structure was conceived to generate the impression of cleanliness, furniture, appliances, and accessories are either black or in one of many shades of gray. They outline against white walls and floors like drawings in an artist’s sketchbook and add a bit of depth to the space. Bright yellow and green accessories balance out the accumulation of dark hues in the interior.

With residents’ comfort in mind, designers decided to implement a few very nice facilities and accents, such as in-floor heating and great-looking textured wallpapers that resemble a horse hair pattern. Even the shower, with a large glass panel, black tiles, and cleverly placed lighting, appears to have its own personality.

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