QuizUp - A Game As Beautiful As Addictive

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QuizUp - A Game As Beautiful As Addictive

If you're looking for a way to test your wisdom in any subject and challenge people from all around the globe, check out QuizUp. It is a brand new game that took the hearts of thousands of many Android and iPhone users thanks to the unique approach the the idea of knowledge competition and beautiful design.

Chances are you will fall in love with QuizUp the minute you launch it. Its interface it very polished, with tons of subtle visual touches here and there and smooth transitions that create a fluid and consistent experience. QuizUp may not follow Android's design guidelines by the book, but looking at it and using it is a real pleasure.

But design is not the only thing that makes QuizUp stand out from the crowd of similar trivia games (and there are lots of them in the Play Store). It puts your knowledge and skills to test by asking over 200 000 picture or text questions in 400 topics, including a few that are a real treat for technology junkies like us. New topics are added every week so you most certainly will not die of boredom.

Up for a challenge? QuizUp allows you to throw a gauntlet to your Facebook and Google+ friends. After every match you're awarded with experience points, which, after you reach a certain level, unlock profile statuses and nicknames.

QuizUp is a free download for every device running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and newer. The game has in-app payments, but at the moment they're purely optional and are not required to enjoy the fun.