Dot View Case For HTC One (M8)

Most people who have a smartphone have some sort of case for their device, it’s just a good way to make it look as good as new. Thus, it is only natural that the HTC One (M8) would come with a dedicated cover. Normally we would not even mention it – after all it’s just an accessory – but the case the company has designed for its new flagship is nothing short of amazing.

The case, dubbed as Dot View, consists of two parts: while one sits on the backplate of the phone, the other covers the screen and protects it from any physical damage. The clamshell, however simple may appear at first, in actuality is an ingenious accessory that extends the functionality of the device. It uses a Smart Cover-like design to show alerts without waking up the phone.

Depending on the type of notification, the screen lights up only enough pixels to display a pre-defined arrangement of low-resolution dots located on the cover. For instance, a weather alert is shown as a set of dots that takes the form of a cloud or sun. Moreover, if you receive a call, you can take it without even opening the case. Just slide your finger up or down the cover. A lot of people check their device multiple times a day for the time and notifications, it’s a great way of doing so without having to wake up the device completely.

We’re glad to see that HTC went beyond the idea of a case and made it an actual feature. However it would have helped saved battery if HTC were to make that screen an OLED or AMOLED.

HTC Dot View Case – $50

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