Apple TV Concept

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Apple TV Concept

Who says the Apple TV has to be an actual TV? I'm sure most consumers don't want to have to buy a new TV every year or two like they do with a smartphone, so instead of replacing their current TV, why not give them an accessory.

Apple already has the Apple TV that turns your TV into a multimedia entertainment system, giving you access to films and music. However it's lacking a little when it comes to what you can do with it and how powerful it is.

This concept by Martin Hajek is his vision of what the next Apple TV should look like. Tech specs include the ability to output 4K, the A7 chip you'd find in the iPhone 5S and a pretty powerful remote. The remote itself is mostly a touchscreen giving users a sort of second screen from which they can control the TV and choose content. It can even be used as a controller for gaming. Sure you could use your phone for this but Apple would need to figure out a way for the device to connect automatically and start up the app to control the TV.

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