10 Best Tweaks For Android

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10 Best Tweaks For Android

One of the greatest things about Android is its openness. Not only it is incredibly easy for us, users, to customize it to our likings, but also for the developers to create apps that integrate with the software to an extent that they’re almost an inherent part of it.

Those apps – or tweaks, as we like to call them – can be widgets or elements of the interface. They can make up for features that the system is missing, change the way you perform certain tasks, speed up your device, and enhance the general experience. They’re barely there, but once you start using them, you realize how great they are.

There are hundreds of great tweaks available in the Play Store and it is relatively difficult to find the right ones. Therefore we’ve put together a handy list of 10 best tweaks for Android. We believe they will prove useful to you. Enjoy!

Note: Apps are in no particular order.

DashClock Widget

A powerful and customizable widget that can be put on your phone’s homescreen or lockscreen. It displays all sorts of information, including time, battery status, weather, and e-mail notifications. Moreover, DashClock Widget is compatible with hundreds of plugs that can be downloaded from the Play Store and installed in order to extend the functionality of the app.

Power Toggles

This useful application adds a row of notification toggles to the notification area on your phone. You can pull it down to quickly turn the Wi-Fi on or launch the flashlight. If your device did not come with this feature out of the box, download Power Toggles to save yourself some time and energy.

Battery Widget Reborn

A battery widget that offers an array of handy features. It displays charging and discharging charts, battery life predictions, and shortcuts to system settings and power options. Additionally, to save the energy, the app can automatically enable the airplane mode during the night and disable it in the morning. Rich customization options and support for extended notifications make Battery Widget Reborn a truly useful tweak that fits the design of pure Android.

Light Manager

A simple application developed for devices equipped with a notification LED. It lets you customize the colour of light on a per-notification and per-app basis. For example, you can configure the LED to light up blue when you receive a text message, and green when you’ve a missed call.

Link Bubble

Link Bubble is an ingenious little app that will reinvent the way you open links on your phone. Instead of launching the browser, Link Bubble loads the link in the background and displays the webpage in a compact window, which floats on top of other apps. Directly from within the window you can save the link to Pocket or share it with your friends.

Floating Toucher

If you own a large-screen phone and find it difficult to reach the top of screen with your thumb, Floating Touch is for you. It is an elegant ring that floats on top of other apps and allows you to launch your favourite programs without going back to the home screen as well as turn on and off various functions, such as Wi-Fi, locations services, and airplane mode. The ring can be moved anywhere on the screen and customized to suit your style and personal preferences.

Clean Master

Did your phone become painfully slow? It is possible that you have too many apps running in the background or there’s not enough storage space. Whichever it is, Clean Master will fix it for you. It’s a powerful app that will give your device a significant speed boost in just a few seconds. It will close all the apps you are not using anymore and clean up the memory.

Screen Filter

Screen Filter is a tweak built for those, who like to use their phones and tablets at night. It puts an additional software layer on the screen, which optically decreases its brightness.


A powerful, but easy to use application designed to improve performance of your phone and make its battery last a little longer. Greenify’s advanced algorithms manage processes running in the background and hibernate apps that take up too much memory.

RAR for Android

Have you ever received an e-mail with a RAR attachment? You probably couldn’t open it as Android does not support this type of files out of the box. Fortunately, there are apps that do and one of them is the official RAR app that has just recently appeared in the Google Play. It allows you to create and extract RAR archives as well as recover and repair damages files and compress essential data. The app comes with a basic file explorer, too.

If you recommend any other tweaks for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.