Telegram - The Best WhatsApp Alternative

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Telegram - The Best WhatsApp Alternative

If you didn't know already, WhatsApp has been sold to Facebook for a crazy $19 billion. Understandably many weren't happy with Facebook now being in control of one of the most popular messaging apps, though that doesn't mean everyone is leaving the service, some are just looking for alternatives.

The best WhatsApp alternative right now though seems to be Telegram. It's just like WhatsApp in that it allows you to quickly message and stay in touch with friends, and works on multiple platforms. But Telegram goes even further - it's completely free to use forever, messages are encrypted so no one else can read them, and it's cloud based so it messages can sync across devices. Telegram also has some neat features such as the ability to start a secret chat, where messages can be deleted after a period of time, just like on Snapchat.

Ever since the WhatsApp acquisition downloads and users for the app have exploded. The official Telegram Twitter account tweeted that on the 24th of Feb nearly five million users signed up to use the service. It became the #1 most downloaded app in 48 countries. So many users were signing up, they were finding it difficult to keep the servers running because they were being overloaded.

When using Telegram you will instantly recognise the way it looks because it is a sort of WhatsApp clone, but that's been done on purpose, it's to help users feel comfortable because.