SwiftKey Debuts On iOS With SwiftKey Note App

One of the best features of Android is the ability to replace default apps like the keyboard. A very popular keyboard for Android is SwiftKey but it has always stayed on Android because iOS does not allow such replacements. But the keyboard has arrived on Apple’s operating system as an app dubbed as SwiftKey Note.

Due to its rather closed nature, you are forced to use the default keyboard on iOS. Officially, developers cannot replace it with a custom one, thus the new SwiftKey Note is just an application, but in exchange a very powerful one. In addition to a number of features you’d expect from a casual note-taking app (rich text formatting options and ability to put notes in handy notebooks included), it offers deep integration with Evernote and SwiftKey’s awesome keyboard Android users love so much.

As you type, the app will provide three words that it feels will be your next word. SwiftKey’s prediction engine is very accurate and gets smarter as you use it. It learns new words and in time may enable you to type whole sentences with just a few taps.

SwiftKey Note is available now for all iOS devices, but formatting functionality is exclusive to those running iOS 7 or newer. Thanks to the keyboard, the app makes taking notes a breeze, so do not hesitate to give it a spin.

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