Sony 4K Projector

Projectors have been around for decades but they’ve yet to make a huge impact in the consumer market – they seem to only cater to a niche market. Sony has announced a new 4K short throw projector at CES this year that can sit very close to a wall.

The projector offers a glimpse at technology of tomorrow. It allows users to watch 4K video and photos without the restrictions of frames, boxes, or screens. It was built with simplicity with mind, which means that it requires no special tools or setup to install and operate. If set right next to a wall that would not cast any shadows of people into the picture, the projector can turn any blank space into an immersive, large screen.

Furthermore, the device is designed to blend into a living space, like a game console or speakers, and its beautifully minimal look will add a touch of modernity.

Sony’s short throw projector features 4 HDMI ports for plugging in any device as well as support for video content services from IP, satellite, cable, and 4K sources including Netflix. The device will be available in the United States by Summer of 2014 for approximately $30,000 to $40,000.

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