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Moment - Mountable Camera Lenses For Smartphones

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Moment - Mountable Camera Lenses For Smartphones

When we see something interesting or want to capture a special moment, we automatically reach out for the phone. Mobile photography is one of the fastest growing phenomenons in the modern society. No wonder the market see it as a source of potential profit. Every month brings new equipment for phone-based photography. While some of it is pointless, there are a few truly useful gems. One of them are the new Moment lenses.

The lenses have a nice, clean and unobtrusive design. Thanks to their light construction, they can be carried around with you and popped onto your phone when you need it. The installation process is very simple: you attach a thin piece of metal to your phone's rear plate or case, and mount the lens itself. There are two to choose from: a wide-angle lens and a telephoto one. Both serve different purposes and can be easily swapped on the go.

According to the makers, Moment lenses significantly improve picture quality. If you're eager to put them to test, make sure to drop by their Kickstarter page. In order to receive one of the lenses for your iOS or Samsung Galaxy device, you'll need to pledge as much as $49. A set of two lenses along with a phone mount and a cloth sleeves will cost you $199.

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Moment - Mountable Camera Lenses For Smartphones