The Room Two May Just Be The Game Of The Year For iPad

The original The Room game that came out for the iPad in September 2012 and was instantly my favourite game on the iPad. It looks like millions of others agreed too, even Apple did, they made it the game of the year for 2012. It won a number of different awards, even the BAFTA award for the Best British Game 2012.

The creators of the original have now released a sequel which is equally as good. They’ve simply called it The Room Two and if you’ve played the first version, you’ll be familiar to how it works instantly.

For those who haven’t played it, the objective of the game is to solve puzzles. The puzzles are easy at first but of course they become difficult as you progress. It’s all about looking at the fine details and finding clues hidden away in the most unexpected places. It has a very eery feel to it as a whole with puzzles placed in completely pitch black rooms and haunting music.

This game really is a must have for every single iPad user. It is currently only available on the iPad, but it will be coming to iPhone and Android in 2014.

If you haven’t played the original, it’s free, so download it now!

The Room Two for iPad Р£2.99 ($4.99)

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